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The Patreon (link to Patreon) page is created for supporters to obtain sealed trading card games in an affordable way. Patrons have acces to special prices, free delivery, early acces and the ability to send direct messages through Patreon.

The benefits:

Special prices: this means very competative prices for a small monthly fee. If you login to your store account these prices will only be visable to you. 

Free delivery: all Patrons have free shipping on all sealed trading card game products selected for Patreon sales. Availble product will be updated monthly on our Patreon Page. 

Early acces: when a new sale or product launch is announced, Patreons have the abilty to buy these products before regular costumers can for the best prices.  

Direct message: to create very short lines and an easy way to communicate Patrons can send direct messages through Patreon. We check these a few times per day, so if you have any questions, suggestions or want to discuss a topic; don't hesitate to contact us.

We are also working on creating a community where members can share their love for the hobby.

How does this work:

First of sign up on our Patreon page. After you pledged a ArcanaFrisia store account will automaticly be created. You can use this account to log in to our website and order products right away! Its also possible to request an order by sending us an email or contact through Patreon direct message. We will send an invoice and payment request.

Wat does it cost:

The first 15 Patrons are only charged €6,- per month to thank them for their trust and as reward for being an early bird.

The next 75 Patrons are charged €8,- per month and have acces to all benifits. 

Your support is so much appreciated that products are sold around wholesale pricing :). 

Check out our Patreon Page.


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